Workshops provide an opportunity for more in-depth, hands-on tuition than is possible in a lecture/demonstration. 
Each workshop lasts for 2.5 hours. Participants bring their own laptops (optional) with the relevant software installed. Comprehensive notes are provided in the form of a printable pdf document. Group size is 6 - 12; cost per person is very reasonable.  They are all Saturday mornings, 9.30 to 12, at Bishopthorpe Village Hall, York, YO23 2RB.
These are the workshops available by arrangement. - NB There need to be at least 6 participants to make any session viable.
Importing, organising and renaming images. Moving Files and Folders. Flags, Ratings and Colour Labels. Collections. Keywords and Keyword Sets. The Identity Plate. Makings and using Import and Export Templates. Multiple versions of an image.
The RAW Advantage. Customising the display. Using the Navigator. Workflow using Develop Presets - provided. Sync and AutoSync. Using Snapshots and History. Camera Calibration and White Balance. An in-detail look at the Develop Module.
Lightroom Library Deep Dive - new for 2019: dates to follow soon
An in-depth look at the Library Module dealing in detail with all the ways in which you can get your images "into" Lightroom, review and cull a new set of images quickly and efficiently, use  the Library Filter to sort your images in more ways than you thought possible, create Collections and Collection sets to organise your workflow efficiently and what to do it/when things go wrong.
Lightroom Edit with Intent - New for 2019: dates to follow soon
Not simply how to use the editing tools but how and why to use them to make your images really say what you want them to say!
Luminar Flex - New for 2019: date to follow soon
Skylum continue continue to develop their Luminar software and have "split-off" the Plug-ins from the stand-alone versions. Flex is a plug-in that will work with Lightroom, Photoshop, Mac's Photos app, Aperture, and other editors to add that final "something" to make the image pop.
How to use the print and book module to produce not only great prints and books but also to make composite images and even posters to print or share electronically.
Learn how to make your images available on your Smart Phone and/or Tablet. You will then be able to access, edit and share your photos from your main computer, from your mobile device and even via a web browser. Photos taken on your phone or tablet are easily transferred to your main computer. Lightroom Mobile is a true game changer so why not find out more about using it!
Understanding Layers, Layer Masks, Blending Modes, Layers Styles and Adjustment Layers. Using Smart Objects. Even if you don't use Lightroom you'll find this a great introduction to using Photoshop.
Luminar, from Skylum,  can be used as a stand-alone editor or as a plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop. It allows you to fine-tune your photos in an easy to use, flexible and very powerful way and is equally suitable for complete novices as well as experienced workers.
AVs are a great way to use your digital images and PTE is a great tool for doing this. You can get an evaluation copy from Please note that this is a Windows only program though the resulting sequences can be shown on the Mac platform too.

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